our story
We created a way to make the amazing health benefits of real bone broth widely available and easy to fit into busy lifestyles – without compromising its integrity. Chef owned, Good Bones Broth Company is committed to defining a new beverage category with intrinsically healthy products that are naturally functional:
•   Rich in collagen and gelatin
•   Improve skin, hair, nails, and cellulite
•   Natural glucosamine and chondroitin
•   Anti-inflammatory: reduces joint pain and arthritis
•   Promotes digestive wellness, GAPS and AIP - friendly
•   Non-dairy, no added sugar, low carb, high protein
We are an artisanal company and produce a truly hand crafted product. Our Chefs bring the same level of commitment and integrity to making Good Bones Broth that they had when working in top restaurants and hotels around the world. This is why we started the company and do what we do!
A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Olivier has been fortunate to work in many top restaurants and hotels in the US and Europe. Always a broth drinker because it was available and easy, he experienced first-hand its benefits. He recognized that making and drinking it hot limited its availability for most people. The idea to have a broth that could be consumed easily anywhere, hot or cold, was born! This idea soon became a product and soon after, a company! Traditional techniques learned during his formative years as a “commis de cuisine” are the same used to make Good Bones Broth for you. On the go nutrition perfected!